Holy Shiitake!

How much room will this blog take up? As mushroom as it needs!

Have you met your J.E. Russell salesperson? He’s a real fungi!

In addition to the best puns at the terminal, we have the best mushrooms. We carry over 20 different conventional and 20 different organic mushroom offerings every day. From the best local mushroom growers like: Piccioni Bros. Mushroom Farm, Enviro Mushrooms, Holburne Mushroom Farm, Guan’s Mushrooms and more…

Oyster, Enoki, Honey, Maitake, Portobello, Shiitaki, Select White & Brown and many more!

If you need mushrooms, you will find them here. And if you can’t, we can get it.

The morel of the story:  Come in early to get your mushrooms because they sell out every day!





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