Lettuce Help You!

Is J.E. Russell your go to wholesaler for organic and conventional packaged salads and food service lettuces? It should be. We have the biggest and best brands and widest selection at the Ontario Food Terminal. We have specialized in wholesale salads and lettuces for over 40 years and they are at the core of our product lineup.

Here’s a sampling of some of the brands that we offer at J.E. Russell Produce.

Earthbound Farm Organic, Fresh Express, Foxy Organic, Taylor Farms, Eat Smart,  Tanimura & Antle, The Salad Farm, Mirabel, Greenbelt Microgreens, Green Giant, and more…

We carry a huge range of salad kits from Fresh Express and Eat Smart.

We have wholesale conventional and wholesale organic food service packs from Fresh Express, Taylor Farms, The Salad Farm and more.

If you’re looking for something small like a Fresh Microgreens and lettuce kit, or something big like a Fresh Express 4x5lbs Separate Cabbage, we’ve got you covered. Come in today and lettuce help you!

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