Support Keeping the Ontario Food Terminal in Etobicoke

In the Government of Ontario budget announced on April 11, it was revealed that the provincial government is looking at changes to the Ontario Food Terminal. Under the section titled: “Modernizing the Ontario Food Terminal” on page 45 of the 343 page document, two short paragraphs brought to light details that could prove very damaging for all of those who work at, shop at, and consume produce that flows through the food terminal. The government is forming an advisory group with agri-business industry leaders, in addition to commissioning an independent third-party report, with the goal of providing insights and recommendations on “modernizing the Ontario Food Terminal.”

The bottom line is this:

  • Over 5000 Ontarians come to work at the terminal every day.
  • Over 5000 independent grocers and restaurants (primarily from the GTA) shop at the terminal every day.
  • Over 600 Ontario farmers sell their fruits and vegetables through the terminal.

Moving the terminal elsewhere in the province could catastrophically change the livelihoods and lives of many families in the GTA and across Ontario. It would lead to less access to competitively priced fresh fruits and vegetables for retailers and restaurants across the GTA. Many businesses simply would not survive a relocation of the terminal.

Stand with us and all of the wholesalers at the Ontario Food Terminal in lobbying your elected MPP to keep the terminal in Etobicoke. We believe that the close proximity and ease of access of the terminal in its current location in Etobicoke is a critical factor in the success of the terminal.

There is an easy way to make your voice heard.

Simply visit and submit the form directly from that page. It’s as simple as  providing your name, email and postal code. The tool will transmit a pre-written letter from you to your Member of Provincial Parliament and to the Minister of Agriculture.

If you would like additional information contact Bill Evans at the Toronto Wholesale Produce Association at 416 259 7827 x227.

If you would like to learn more about the situation from a recent article in the Toronto Star click here.





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