J.E. Russell at the Manulife Ride for Heart

J.E. Russell is proud to have supported the Manulife Ride for Heart last Sunday. In addition to donations supporting the employees who did the ride and walk, we also donated 6000 beautiful Foxy strawberries.

These fresh and delicious berries were used by the California Berry Commission who was doing an on-site activation promoting the nutritional value of strawberries and more importantly showcasing just how delicious big, fresh, red, strawberries from California are.

Strawberry Delivery on Saturday. (It was a family effort!)

6000 Foxy Strawberries!

The California Berry Commission activation at the Heart Park!

Education always tastes better with berries!

Our Assistant Controller Marsena after completing the walk.

Hutch after the ride with Rebecca who set up the entire promotion.

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