Inspired Greens lettuces and salads are at J.E. Russell Produce Wholesale

J.E. Russell is excited to introduce Inspired Greens to Ontario. This week we kicked off the full launch with 6 varieties of sleeved living lettuces, and starting Monday we will be adding four varieties of 5oz packaged salads. These are priced at wholesale for all of our customers and are sure to replace some of the laggards in your salad category.


Year round, we grow our inspired greens in Coaldale, AB.  This means we can supply all of Canada with fresh and local greens in sun or snow.


We grow and harvest our lettuce in a small compostable pot for strong and healthy roots. This means longer living greens, and higher nutrition for you to enjoy!


Our greens are grown without the use of pesticides, using only natural ways to control any pests. This ensures you can enjoy our nutritious greens without worrying about chemicals.


Our greenhouse is one of a kind, designed to grow beautiful, tasty and inspiring greens with sustainability in mind. Because we grown inside, our lettuce is as clean as can be.


Come in for a taste and bring them to your customers. They will thank you!

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